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"We are always looking to improve our cars performance, so it is always beneficial to find a supplier capable of meeting our high demands and expectations. We look forward to developing a relationship with Berger Closures, and to further improve our product with their help."

Oliver Collins, Team Dynamics, who design, build and run cars for Team Halfords

"The new... container is the result of a tripartite association between (the drum company), closing ring specialist Berger and (the end user chemical company)." ... "The lid is kept in place by a high performance external overlap ring which has new design features to enable it to meet rigorous UN drop testing standards. Relatively minor modifications were made to the lid, but the real work was done in designing a closing ring strong enough to withstand handling to make a perfect seal", (the quality controller) added. ...But that wasn't all. Representatives from (the drum factory) and Berger worked with (the chemical company's) own engineers to design a new automatic line at the (chemical) company's (UK) factory... The entire project is a superb example of suppliers and customers working in harmony with one another."

Quote from company newspaper, Leading UK-based world-class drum manufacturer